Malem Ultimate Bedside Bedwetting Alarm




MO6 Ultimate Bed-Side Alarm

  • Ideal for children who do not wear pyjamas whilst they sleep
  • Smart, reliable, comfortable and rust-proof plastic Bed-Mat sensor is placed on the mattress under the flat sheet or a towel  – means that nothing at all is attached to your child
  • A slim and long (220cm) cord connects the Bed-Mat to the Ultimate Bed-Side alarm unit, which is placed on a bedside table and ensures comfort for your child
  • Bed-mat sensor detects moisture and quickly activates the attached Ultimate Bed-Side alarm.
  • Options to record own personal message, music or sounds
  • Alternative settings include single sound alarm or random 8-tone
  • Sounds specifically chosen to wake child
  • Well constructed, durable design
  • Small flashing light when alarm is activated.
  • Loudest alarm in the Malem range and also features a volume control
  • Bed-Mat sensor included and ready to use.
  • 4 X AABatteries included. 
  • Comes with a free Malem progress chart allowing your child to track their progress to becoming dry.
  • Instruction booklet included.
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