We have had fantastic results with the Malem alarm. Miss 8 has been a chronic bedwetter and after only 1 week we saw amazing results. 6 weeks later she doesn’t need the alarm and hasn’t wet the bed in weeks. She is so happy that we can now do sleepovers!

Natalie NSW

I have used the same Malem alarm for all 3 of my kids and had fantastic success with all 3. Thank you Malem for making such a great product.

Lily Victoria

We had amazing results with my daughter. She is 7 and has struggled for years with bedwetting. Within one week of using the alarm, she was getting through the night with no problems. We’re still using the alarm, but she hasn’t had an accident in three weeks. We are all so excited for her and it is so great to see her happy! Absolutely would recommend your alarm to anyone who has a child that wets the bed.

Anna SA

My daughter had a such an issue wetting the bed. She is  7.5  yrs old. I bought this alarm desperately hoping that it would work. It only took 1 week to work it’s magic, we all can’t believe how quickly it worked!!
I only wish I bought this 3 years ago. Would have paid for itself 6 times in pull ups.

Linda WA

This product was simple and easy to use. After the first 2 weeks my son has only had one accident in well over a month.  Before using the alarm he used to wet the bed every single night!  I am very grateful we were recommended by our GP to get your alarm  and  I would definitely recommend your alarms to someone who has an older child that still wets the bed at night.



My 5 year old son used to wet through night time pull ups a few times a week.  After 2 months on the Malem alarm, he hasn’t wet at night at all! I am so happy that something worked knowing the family history of this problem! It  was well worth the money!  My son is a very heavy sleeper and the combination of vibrations and sound, woke him right up. I told his GP to recommend this alarm to every child that has the same problem :)


Amanda Victoria

Very Sensitive, worked very well! My 8 year old was trained within 2 weeks!

Alan SA

This product is AWESOME! We have been using it for a few weeks now and my daughter is waking up dry almost every morning! I am very happy that we tried a bedwetting alarm and didn’t wait for her to grow out of the bedwetting like we were told she would do.

Fiona Victoria

We were recommended to purchase the ultimate gold alarm from our paediatrician. Our 9 year old son was still wearing pull ups every night and it was not only affecting his self esteem, it was also very upsetting to watch him loose confidence. It worked like a miracle!! We helped him wake up the first few nights and left it to him after that. He started to make progress within 2 weeks and within 5 weeks he had reached 14 dry nights. It really is an amazing product! Thank you.

Jody Victoria

This alarm gave my son his confidence back! He can now go on camp and sleepovers which was a no go before. Our only regret is we didn’t buy this alarm sooner!

Maria QLD

Hi there, FYI. Our son barely wet as soon as we started with the alarm and within 3 weeks there was no need for the alarm. Wish we had done it earlier. We can’t believe how well it worked considering how wet he would usually be at night (every night). And of course he is very happy too

Kylie NSW

Thank you so much! The alarm is Fantastic! We are now at 21 dry nights in a row, which is an absolute revelation! We loved how easy the alarm was to use, and how the clip sensor just clips onto the outside of the underpants. We can’t thank you enough, it’s changed our daughters life and ours!

Miriam Sydney

My daughter is 8 and has been struggling with staying dry at night. She was starting to get self conscious about this and was unable to participate in sleepovers. We tried everything and bought the alarm at the suggestion of our paediatrician. We had great success and were having consistent dry nights within 3 weeks. She is now having dry nights on her own with no accidents!! The alarm was really easy to use. Our daughter took a bit to get used to wearing it at night, but eventually was used to it. Would definitely recommend to anyone struggle with nighttime accidents.

Sharlene Melbourne

I had purchased a different brand of  bedwetting alarm for my 7 year old daughter that broke after a week of use! I did my research this time and saw so many great reviews for your bedwetting alarms, I jumped online and ordered the alarm that vibrates and sound.She really liked the way the wee detector clipped onto her underpants, and said how easy it was to use.  It worked wonders, within 3 weeks she was completely dry.  I would recommend your product to anyone who has a child that still wets the bed at night! Definitely worth every cent!

Jessica QLD

Our daughter had no more wet nights after 1 week of using the alarm! Thanks Heaps!!!

Geoff QLD

This alarm worked wonderfully for our 9 year old son. He is a really really deep sleeper and he would never wake to use the toilet in the night. He started having dry nights within the first week and he had successfully had 14 dry nights in a row after 3 weeks of using the alarm every night.  I would highly recommend the alarm itself.


Lynne South Australia