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Award winning Malem Bedwetting Alarms are used by The Bedwetting Shop to support parents in their mission to stop and cure their children’s bedwetting.

Bedwetting is a common and stressful problem.  It can lead to many problems – including your child having low self-esteem – if not handled correctly. One of the most successful, economical and non-invasive treatments for bedwetting  is the Malem Bedwetting Alarm.award-winning-icon-012

Malem Bedwetting Alarms have a highly sensitive moisture sensor that is attached to either your child’s underwear or mattress, which activates the alarm immediately at the first drop of urine.

The Bedwetting Shop stocks the world’s most durable, reliable and user friendly products of its kind: the award winning Malem Bedwetting Alarms. These alarms come in a range of wearable, wireless, and bedside models, tailored to your child’s specific needs and sleep arrangements.  Malem Bedwetting Alarms come equipped with a range of features for waking your child, including sound,  vibrations, or even a personalised recorded message, which can be useful and particularly calming for specific children.

Order your Malem Bedwetting Alarm now to help your child become dry at night.