Spare Malem Bed Mat Sensor


Bed-Mat Sensor

  • foil embossed plastic mat 
  • Sensor detects moisture and quickly activates the attached alarm
  • Place under the sheet and on top of the mattress – means that nothing at all is attached to your child
  • Each bed-mat is supplied with a slim and long (220cm) cord to connect to the alarm unit and ensure comfort for your child whilst they are asleep
  • The long cord allows the alarm unit to be placed comfortably on a bedside table, which will sound when the bed-mat detects moisture
  • Alternatively, a vibrating alarm unit can be placed under the pillow to silently alert the bedwetter
  • Easy to clean, dry and replace
  • Bed-mat size is 54 x 42cm
  • Compatible with any Malem Alarm (except Malem Wireless)


The Bed-Mat is a foil embossed plastic mat which fits between the sheets over the mattress. It can be easily cleaned, dried and replaced and is attached the the alarm by a very slim wire which does not distirb the user in bed.

This type of sensor is particulary useful if the child does not want to clip a sensor to their underpants. A Bed-Mat sensor can be used with all types of Malem Alarms apart from the Wireless alarm.

Bed-Mat dimensions: 54cmx42cm

The main thing to note is that Bed-Mat sensors are more sensitive to changes in temperature and humididty than any other sensor. Sweaty skin can also trigger the alarm to go off when using a Bed-Mat sensor. Ongoing adjustments might need to be made during the warmer months, with the addition of a cotton towel on top of the flat sheet.

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