Bedwetting Facts

Bedwetting is common problem for many school aged children and their families. If your child wets the bed, chances are they are probably not the only ones in their class.

By the age of 5, 20% of children still wet the bed.  By the age of 10, 5 % of children continue to wet the bed at night.

Your child can’t control it, but most children will grow out of it over a period of years.  However, this is a lengthy and exhausting process for everyone involved.

Bedwetting is a problem that causes stress for both you, as the parent, and your child. It can lead to a child losing self-esteem and confidence.

The good news for many children is that the problem can be solved using a Malem Bedwetting alarm.

The Malem Bedwetting alarm speeds up the natural process of the mind’s control of the bladder.

Your child, with the help of a Malem Bedwetting alarm, and by adhering to the Malem golden rules, should stop bedwetting within weeks, up to a maximum of 3 months.

Bedwetting alarms are the most effective treatment for bedwetting available.  They have also been proven to be the most reliable, and economical way of treating bedwetting.

Malem Golden rules

  1. No punishment.
  2. Your child must be motivated and want to become dry.
  3. Your child wets the bed frequently, over 3-4 times a week
  4. Your child must understand that waking up to the alarm is the treatment. Ignoring the alarm will not help.
  5. For the first few nights, parents/carers must wake the child up when they (the parents) hear the alarm.
  6. No ‘lifting’. Parents should not lift their child to empty the bladder whilst their child is asleep.
  7. Your child should be allowed to drink as much as they want, especially during the day.
  8. Do not use pull-ups or nappies during the treatment.
  9. Parents must praise and support their child.