Which alarm is good for deep/heavy sleepers?

The Ultimate 1 wearable alarm (Sound and Vibration) Is the alarm we recommend for heavy
sleepers. The dual stimuli of of sound and vibration is better for waking heavy sleepers.

Are your alarms safe to use?

All of our alarms are registered as, and compliant with, medical device regulations all over the world,
including USA, Australia and New Zealand, UK and Europe. All our alarms comply with the international standards for electromagnetic compatibility

Why choose a Malem bedwetting alarm?

Malem alarms are the world’s leading brand of bedwetting alarms. Malem alarms have not only set
the standard for bedwetting alarms, we are also leading the way with newly developed products
incorporating modern technology.

Malem alarms are reliable, easy to use, economical and are tailored to specific children’s needs.

The Malem Bedwetting Alarms have been the most popular, successful and respected alarms in the world for the last 35 years. As a sign of their success and reliability in permanently curing bedwetting, Malem Bedwetting Alarms have been awarded the contract to supply the NHS for over 25 years.

Why choose an alarm with eight sounds?

Some parents notice that their child is getting used to the same tone, and starts to tune the alarm
out (called “auditory accommodation”). In these children, the 8 tone alarm can be used. When
using the 8 tone alarm, each time a child wets the bed a different tone will automatically sound.

How long will the alarm treatment take to work?

Typically treatment is 6 to 8 weeks, however every child is different. We often receive feedback
that once a child starts the Malem bedwetting alarm treatment, within 2 weeks they were
completely dry.
Maximum length of treatment is 3 months.

Which type of wearable sensor is best, easy clip or standard sensor?

Both types of sensors are clinically equivalent. The standard sensor is the traditional type of sensor
that is worn either sandwiched between 2 pairs of underpants or inserted into a slit made in a
sanitary pad.
The newer type easy clip sensor is a more modern sensor, that the manufacturer, Malem Medical
developed. The easy clip sensor only needs to be clipped to the outside of one pair of cotton
Both can be used with pull ups.

How long is the warranty.

The warranty on alarms is 6 months.

My child has special needs, which Alarm would you recommend?

We recommend the Malem Recordable alarm. The Malem recordable alarm is the only alarm in the world that you can record a parents voice or piece of music to sound when bedwetting occurs.
Having a more familiar sound can be less frightening for children with special needs.

What are the differences between the alarms?

Audio MO3 ( Sound only)
Ultimate 1 MO4 (Sound and Vibration)
Ultimate Selectable MO4S( You can set the sound to a single sound or
to rotate around the 8 different sounds each time bedwetting occurs.
This alarm also vibrates)
Ultimate recordable MO5 (Record own voice or music/ or choose alarm
sounds. This alarm also vibrates) Good for special needs children, who
do not like the sound of the alarm.
Wireless MO12 ( Sound only) Rotates around 8 sounds each time bedwetting occurs. Volume
control switch.
Bedside alarm and Bed Mat MO6 ( Sound only) Can record message, music
or have alarm sounds each time bedwetting occurs. This alarm is the
loudest alarm in the MALEM range. Volume control switch.
All sensors can be interchanged between any alarm apart from the
wireless alarm, which comes with a permanent easy clip attached. This
is a great feature as you can turn any wearable alarm into a bedside
alarm for an additional $60, The price of the additional Bed Mat.