MO3 Green Malem Wearable Single Tone Alarm


Sensor Type * 



MO3 Audio Alarm

sound + flashing light

  • Lightweight and perfect for the youngest children
  • Sounds specifically chosen to wake child
  • Single tone (red,green, orange or 8-tone (yellow or camouflage) options available
  • Well constructed, durable design
  • Small flashing light when alarm is activated.
  • Easy-clip sensor or a Malem Standard Sensor included with this alarm. A Malem Bed Mat Sensor can be used if preferred.
  • Batteries included plus one spare set of 3X 1.5V alkaline “button” style batteries.
  • Comes with a free Malem progress chart allowing you to track the progress being made towards becoming dry.
  • Instruction booklet included
  • Care Instructions for sensor. Clean sensor with soapy water and small toothbrush once a week to remove urine residue.
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