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Most children by the age of 5 will have achieved daytime bladder control. However, 3 and a half percent will have episodes of daytime wetting.

Healthcare professionals recommend going to the toilet at regular times to reduce daytime wetting.

The Malem Vibro watch is a great way to help remind your child to use the toilet. The attractive and stylish watch will gently vibrate at set programmed times, alerting your child to use the toilet.

Malem Vibro watches come with the following features:

  • Set to vibrate.
  • Can program up to 12 specific times, or program fixed intervals (e.g. every 2 hours)
  • Real time display in hours (12/24, am,pm), minutes, seconds, date, day of the week and a stop watch feature.
  • Lock mechanism to prevent accidental change
  • memory function, even after changing battery watch alarm settings are saved.
  • Available in 5 stylish coloursĀ  (Pink, Black, Grey, Navy Blue strap and light blue watch face, Light blue)

Watch Specifications:

  • face diameter 3.8cm
  • Strap length 23cm

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Pink, Light Blue, Navy Blue Strap and light blue watch face

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